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Women's Wellness with Dr. Julie Marie Tibbetts PT, DPT, LAC


“I was suffering in so many areas with residual pain following years of chemo. Julie treated each area with her magical healing hands, first with physical therapy. She has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and it sure shows. After the physical therapy she administered acupuncture which I really didn't;t believe it could be so effective. Boy was I amazed. My toothache even disappeared. My neck pain was alleviated, my back felt better and I used a lot less pain meds. I have my life back.  Thank you Julie"

Eileen Leah Gail Unatin Rinehart 

"Julie is a talented acupuncturist, she not only possesses great skill, but makes the unseen connections which turn treatment into therapy.  She is the invisible hand allowing your body to heal itself, the prompt to trigger your energy to flow where it is needed. Julie was absolutely instrumental in my stress reduction and pain management due to chronic neck pain and multiple large uterine fibroids.  My menstrual flow is the best it's ever been in my life! Julie is a professional with an impeccable bedside manner, who can open a path to health and joy for anyone receptive to her gifts.  I highly encourage you to invest some time to work on yourself with her by your side." 

Jess Herzog

"I was at my wits end with chronic pain and sleep deprivation....My issues were complex and interwoven and Julie stuck with me.  I am on the brink of full recovery…." 

Gayle Tasca, Stained glass artist

"It's not only about the brilliance of who she is when working on one's body, it's the care she brings to the experience. No mistaken, she's wonderful at what she does but she goes beyond her expertise in what she does…" 

Reva Kussmaul, Residential Renovator

"Julie is a refreshing sparkle in the women's health community. Her bright spirit leads the way in all of her practices. Whether you are looking to grow spiritually, gain renewed health, balance your mental/physical/spiritual self - you can count on Julie. Her holistic approach to life and healing and dedication to personal growth and education is just what this community needs."  Barbara "Shakti Ma" 

"Julie has helped me a lot with my neck and back issues. I love her techniques and appreciate her treatments.  I always feel peaceful and have less muscle stress. She is a wonderful and kind person."  Christina Grain